Which Nissan Crossover is Perfect for You?

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Nissan Kicks Vs Nissan Rogue Sport Vs Nissan Rogue Vs Nissan Murano Vs Nissan Pathfinder

Unlike gigantic, gas-guzzling SUVs or tiny bulbous hybrids, we can confidently say that crossovers have outlasted “trend” status and are likely the shape of automotive transportation to come. Who can blame people for falling in love with them? Since their development and inception nearly two decades ago, crossovers have done a perfect job delivering on their promise to provide drivers with the space and safety of an SUV and the handling and fuel-efficiency of a sedan.

Due to the extensive demand for these multi-tasking road warriors, manufacturers like Nissan have invested heavily in diversifying their lineup to the same level that sedans have historically seen options. This includes building crossovers in subcompact, compact, midsize and full-size sizes. As a shining example of building their lineup around the expressed needs of drivers, Nissan has led this charge. Currently, Nissan has one of the most complete lineups of crossovers available.

Size Nissan Toyota Honda Kia
Subcompact urban Nissan Kicks Toyota C-HR Honda HR-V Kia Soul
Subcompact wagon Nissan Rogue Sport - - Kia Niro
Compact Nissan Rogue Toyota RAV4 Honda CR-V Kia Sportage
Mid-size Nissan Murano - - Kia Sorento
Large Nissan Pathfinder Toyota Highlander Honda Pilot -

As you can see, only Nissan has a complete range of crossovers, allowing drivers to take advantage of Nissan’s reliability and extensive standard features in any size class. Although the upside to having one of the most complete crossover portfolios on the market is being able to meet the unique needs and preferences of drivers, the downside is the potential for confusion.

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Today, we’re going to clear up some of the confusion – at least the confusion which surrounds Nissan’s 5-passenger crossover lineup. Let’s see how these vehicles differ:

Feature/Spec 2018 Nissan Kicks 2018 Nissan Rogue Sport 2018 Nissan Rogue 2018 Nissan Murano 2018 Nissan Pathfinder
Max passengers 5 5 5 5 7
AWD available? No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Std. horsepower 125 horsepower 141 horsepower 170 horsepower 260 horsepower 284 horsepower
Std. transmission CVT CVT CVT CVT CVT
Std. infotainment 7-inch display 5-inch display 5-inch display 8-inch touchscreen 8-inch touchscreen
Wheelbase 103.1 inches 104.2 inches 106.5 inches 111.2 inches 114.2 inches
Legroom – front row 43.7 inches 42.8 inches 43.0 inches 40.5 inches 42.3 inches
Legroom – second row 33.2 inches 33.4 inches 37.9 inches 38.7 inches 41.7 inches
Combined MPG - FWD 33 MPG 28 MPG 29 MPG 24 MPG 23 MPG
Combined MPG - AWD N/A 27 MPG 28 MPG 24 MPG 22 MPG
Starting MSRP $17,990 $21,640 $24,800 $30,800 $31,040

Get the Perfect Nissan Crossover for You

Nissan’s 2018 crossover lineup is indicative of Nissan’s refusal to submit to the one-size-fits-most mentality many other manufacturers seem to have about filling out their lineup. By offering 5 crossover models (which is to say nothing about the large body-on-frame SUV, Nissan Armada), Nissan is going a step beyond manufacturers like Toyota and Honda that aim to shove drivers into a model that may not be perfect for their individual wants and needs.

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Here at Covington Nissan, we’re proud to be able to help people find the model that’s right for them. We do so every day and have a large inventory. This allows you to find the trim level, options and color you want once you’ve narrowed it down to the perfect crossover that matches your preferences.

If you need help finding the perfect crossover for you and/or would like to test drive them to see how they drive and handle, contact us today!

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